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New regulations on use of handheld GPS

It used to be that to answer this question, you had to spread out and deal with one of these. But now, this can answer it for you. And the Transportation Department says that could lead to more distracted driving.

GPS has made it easier to do away with an atlas.

Corey Henry says "It's easier. It's the same reason anyone uses any new technology: instant gratification. You don't have to think about it, you just plug in where you're going and it tells you where to go.".

With GPS technology available on handheld devices like smartphones, it's become more simple to use while on the go. But it might not stay that way for drivers. The Transportation Department has placed a measure into President Obama's transportation bill that would give the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration the ability to set restrictions on GPS apps, and order changes if it deems them dangerous in the future. The Transportation Department says, much like texting, drivers could become distracted by the technology.

Fred Javier says he understands why.

"The buttons aren't user friendly for some folks, some folks don't have them memorized as far as the apps that are available on their phones, so you can easily be distracted by them."

Most drivers said they understand the thought, but feel like overregulation is a possibility.

Corey Henry said "It should be up to the police officer's discretion whether he's breaking the law or not. It's a case by case thing, you can't do a blanket thing on it."

Others said, much like texting, regulation won't stop people from using the technology.

Said Fred Javier, "You can regulate it all you want. I mean, people aren't going to be happy about it, but you know, they're going to keep using it."

So far the Transportation Department has made no legal efforts to regulate the use of handheld GPS.