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Summer's hottest footwear trend causing foot problems

One of summer's hottest footwear  trends may sound like a good idea but they could be dangerous.
Flatform shoes offer height -- without a high heel.

While they  may feel like the most comfortable option for the fashion-conscious..
Doctors say the shoes have their own set of problems.

It is the hot shoe of the summer half platform half flat. It's called the flatform and Miley Cyrus, Willow Smith and Katy Bosworth have all been spotted sporting this latest trend. the problem? Some podiatrists say the flatform fashion trend is flat out dangerous.

Doc  "So many patients come complaining of ankle problems, ankle pain, heel pain, Achilles pain."

You might call this particular foot specialist well,  a heel when it comes to saying anything flattering about the flatform.
Doctor Positano says the elevation combined with inflexibility don't allow the foot to move in a natural way.

"The normal foot should make contact with the ground and be able to adapt unto the terrain of the ground when the person is moving and walking

He says this kind of footwear not only prohibits the foot from absorbing shock in the right way but can also lead to instability.

"Often we will see a person develop what we would call a lateral or an outside ankle injury where they actually will rip or tear a ligament and even sometimes fracture a bone."

And as Carrie so infamously learned in this sex and the city episode..
Carrie falling on catwalk

What good is a fashionable if you can barely walk in it?
One vogue writer recently admitted to falling for the trend quite literally,
 Saying that she ended up tearing a ligament while wearing what some describe as serious occupational hazards.

Some advice I got was to put the bulk of the weight on my heel to keep the ankle from collapsing inward, but how are you supposed to do that while you walk?
"If the person has an unstable gate to begin with, if they have a very high arch if they have a very flat arch they are more prone to developing these musculoskeletal problems."

A word of caution this morning for the fashion conscious to watch their step
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