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Escambia County Jail Explosion Investigation

Friday, Escambia County released a report regarding the circumstances surrounding the jail explosion.

The county hired an independent law firm, Mcdonald, Fleming, Moorhead, to conduct an investigation into the blast.

The findings from the investigation were made public, after a county commission meeting last week.

The independent investigation claims the county was not negligent.
But they are still waiting on the report from the State Attorney's Office investigation.

The state attorney's office says because of the number of people involved and amount of evidence, this investigation has taken some time.

Right now, they're reviewing their findings before releasing its final report.  The state attorney's office can't say much about its findings so far, but says, the facts in their investigation are substantially different from the facts in the county's independent investigation.

"The investigation we have been doing has been very in-depth and has involved the interview of numerous witnesses, which is beyond what the county has looked at," said Greg Marcille, Assistant State Attorney.

The State Attorney's Office has been working with the State Fire Marshal and ATF.

The investigation is focused on two things: finding out if there's any criminal liability and looking into the facts and circumstances surrounding the explosion itself.

"At this point, I cannot make any comment as to what the nature of the action that our office will take at this time," said Marcille.

Edward Fleming with Mcdonald, Fleming, Moorhead, conducted the county's independent investigation.

His findings conclude that the apparent cause of the explosion was a natural gas leak in the basement.

But the report also claims that the smell of gas prior to the explosion came from a propane tank outside the central booking facility, and not from the basement.
"It is something our office will look at and review, however, we will primarily rely on the info that we have obtained as part of our investigation," added Marcille.

The State Attorney's Office is expected to make an announcement late next week, on what actions they'll be taking as a result of their investigation.