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Hurricane Preparedness
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Pensacola Energy - Natural Gas Readiness Tips for Hurricane Season

Before the Storm

Natural gas lines require you to take no special precautions. In cases of severe lighting, you might want to unplug natural gas appliances to avoid possible electrical damage.
During the Storm

Most natural gas cooking and water heating appliances will continue to operate safely without electricity. Some may require that you manually light the pilot, and this should be done according to the appliance manufacturers instructions.

After the Storm

After a hurricane, nearly everyone loses power, but very few lose natural gas service. If natural gas service is lost, Pensacola Energy strives to restore it within 24 hours.

When returning from evacuation, check natural gas appliances for possible damage or leaks. If you smell a strong sulfur odor, leave immediately and call ESP Emergency Services at (850) 474-5300. If no smell is present, operation of natural gas appliances should be safe. If a natural gas generator was in use for several days, the oil should be checked, and if necessary, changed.
Natural Gas Power Generators

In the event of power failure, the generator will return electricity to the structure within 30 seconds and continue providing electricity until the original power source has returned.

Storm Repair

During clean-up and repair, avoid natural gas interruption and damage to the gas lines by calling 811 from Florida and 1-800-432-4770 outside the state of Florida before digging.

Hurricanes are NO Match for Natural Gas

With thunderstorms, tornadoes, tropical storms and hurricanes, Floridas weather can cause electric power outages lasting from a few hours to several days or even weeks, even when a neighborhood is not directly impacted by the storm.With its underground distribution system, natural gas is the one energy system you can rely on during the most severe weather conditions.

This high level of reliability is why so many critical services, such as hospitals, nursing homes, police and fire departments, rely on natural gas to power their water heaters, cooking equipment and emergency standby generators.

Natural Gas Generators:

- Automatically switches on in 30 to 60 seconds when there is a loss of
electricity.Operates as long as the electricity is out; never has to refuel.
- Permanent outdoor installation for safe and quiet operation.
- Provides power to several appliances or the entire home or business.

Natural Gas Water Heaters:
- Many models operate during power outages.
- Twice the capacity in half the recovery time of electric models.
- Lower maintenance and longer life cycle than electric models.

Natural Gas Ranges:
- Stovetops operate during power outages.
- Burners can be lit with a match or portable igniter.
- Precise temperature control.Natural Gas Grills
- Operate during power outages.
- Provide the comfort of being able to prepare hot meals.
- Many models of grills have additional side burners for pots and pans so you
can easily boil water.

Natural Gas Lights:
- Operate during power outages.
- Provide comfort and security during the night without the worry of using up all of
your batteries or the fire danger of candles.
- Will not attract flying insects.
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24 hour Gas Leak / Emergency:
Call (850) 474-5300

Customer Service Locations:
Located at Reus and Government streets adjacent to City Hall

Mon-Fri, 8 a.m - 5 p.m.
Phone: (850) 435-1800
Fax: (850) 435-1827
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Natural Gas - The Efficient Energy - Health Watch - WEAR ABC Channel 3 Natural Gas - The Efficient Energy

When you choose natural gas as your source of energy, you're choosing the most efficient energy that's produced in America with minimum environmental impact. With natural gas, 93 percent of the original energy that leaves the ground reaches your home. Only seven percent is lost in the drilling and distribution processes.

Compare that to the electricity that is produced in this area by burning coal and natural gas. Only 28 percent of the original energy reaches your home as electricity. Seventy-two percent is lost in electricity's less efficient conversion and transmission methods.

Although natural gas is not as inexpensive as it once was, it's still the most cost-effective way to heat your home and your water, to cook your meals and to dry your clothes. Fortunately, natural gas is also the largest source of energy produced in America. Increased drilling plus conservation by you and other customers make natural gas more plentiful and affordable.

Whether you are concerned about conserving our precious natural resources or conserving your family's budget dollars, natural gas is the best energy choice.

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Hurricane Preparedness Maps - WEAR ABC Channel 3

Hurricane Preparedness Maps - WEAR ABC Channel 3

Hurricane Preparedness Maps - WEAR ABC Channel 3


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