A look back at the 2016 Atlantic hurricane season

A look back at the 2016 Atlantic hurricane season

Beginning on June 1st, the 2016 Atlantic hurricane season officially wrapped up Wednesday.

On average, around twelve named storms form a season, but that was not the case this season.

The tropics were quite active with seven hurricanes, three of which were major hurricanes.

Two of them played major roles in Florida: Hurricane Hermine and Hurricane Matthew.

Hurricane Hermine ended the eleven year "hurricane drought" in our state.

It was Hurricane Wilma back in 2005 that made the last Florida landfall before Hermine struck the Big Bend in early September.

The strongest storm of the season was Matthew, which peaked as a category five major hurricane with maximum sustained winds of 160 m.p.h.

Although Matthew did not make landfall in Florida, its western eyewall brought heavy rain, significant storm surge, and hurricane-force winds to the eastern coast of the state.

Matthew continued to skirt the East coast and finally made a U.S. landfall as a category one hurricane near McClellanville in South Carolina on October 8th.

After an active year, the Channel 3 viewing area made it through with no major scratches, but it's never too early to plan for the next season.

Remember, tropical weather does not look at a calendar. During the 2016 season, two different storms, Alex and Bonnie, formed outside the official hurricane season.

Hurricane Alex formed in January, almost five months before the season began, and Bonnie formed at the end of May.

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