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A lively group of ladies: They still have a lot to give

A lively group of ladies: They still have a lot to give

One group of ladies will tell you that they enjoy their home at the Life Care Center. But, to sit idly and pass the time is not at all what you can expect from this bunch.

We caught them out and about still touching the lives of others.

"Nineteen-twenty, I think I was born. Yeah, I'm old. I'm an old lady. That's all right, I'm still here," said Estelle Kapner, and she's still here and kicking.

Miss Estelle is stirring up some fun with her lady friends from the Life Care Center - a skilled nursing, rehab and long-term care facility. These gals are on their regular outing, volunteering at the Ronald McDonald House. This is their day to prepare a meal for the families who have very sick children in the hospital.

For Betty Fizer, their visits to Ronald McDonald House have special meaning. Her family members stayed here when her great-granddaughter was born prematurely.

"I love giving to them and doing things to help the ones that's got their loved ones in the hospital," she said.

Along with preparing meals, the ladies call bingo, donate gifts, and read to the children. Jennifer Landis, Executive Director of Life Care Center says they love coming up with new ways to help.

"They had already made blankets for homeless folks in the community. They raised money for the NLO and food and provisions. They also have made bracelets for missionaries that were going to Brazil," she said.

And if they have their way, they'll keep the Life Care staff hopping. These seniors like being busy and being busy doing something for someone else.

That's just fine by Activities Director Muridia Washington.

"They feel like they're needed more than just... You know, sometimes we're catering to them more at the facility, so they feel like people need them," she said.

Being needed is a great feeling for Miss Betty.

"I'd rather give than receive. I'm just that kind of person. And if I can do something to help somebody, I do," Miss Betty said.

Miss Estelle says it's the key to still being here, "You keep doing it because if you don't, you're gonna, blah. You just fade away."

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