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Angel helping students navigate college and life

Angel helping students navigate college and life

Whenever there's a problem or a need, nine times out of 10 Dr. Wiley is already on top of things. Just by nature, she's a solution finder, a fixer, an angel in our midst.

"Among the last conversations I had with my mom, I said to her, 'Mom, how would you describe me?' and she said, 'Sharon, you're my thoughtful child,'" Dr. Lusharon Wiley said.

Dr. Wiley, the thoughtful child, is always the problem solver. As the Senior Associate Dean of Students at the University of West Florida (UWF), she is often viewed as a mother-figure.

"The girls' basketball team actually calls me the Maya Angelou of UWF. So I can take that - mom, Maya; it all works for me," Dr. Wiley said.

Dr. Wiley is always looking for ways to enhance not only the college experience for students but their life experiences as well.

After the South Carolina church murders, she noticed the students had thoughts and questions that were best brought out in the open.

"There wasn't a place where they could go necessarily and say, 'Here's what I'm feeling.' I thought, 'Wow, why don't we move this? Why don't we do something about this?'" she said.

There was another problem that needed solving that got Dr. Wiley's attention. It led her to become the founder and director of the Argos Pantry.

"It was seeing young people not having adequate food that compelled me," she said.

She reached out to the campus community and beyond and got support to open the pantry that's right next door to her office.

Any student can come here and get food for free. Just one more problem solved with a thoughtful heart.

"Dr. Wiley, she is, she is a force here at UWF. She is very inspirational, she has a big heart," said UWF graduate Jane Montabon.

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