ANGELS IN OUR MIDST (Pathways for Change)

Pathways for Change; it's the Pensacola non-profit that is making strides in turning lives around.

One of their initiatives is a faith-based, 18-month residential program that gives non-violent offenders counseling, education, job training, and a second chance.

"My past has been a revolving door; in and out of the prison and jail and rehab systems," said Adam Harrell, with Everything Outdoors Lawn and Maintenance.

For Adam Harrell and his crews, the revolving door stopped when they stepped into Pathways for Change. One of the organization's newest programs is a venture called Everything Outdoors Lawn and Maintenance.

Before his life spiraled out of control, Adam had been in the industry before and that helped him land the position as foreman. "People like us which, like us, I mean convicted felons and people with histories, they run into problems. You know, a lot of people don't want to give them a chance," said Harrell.

With his second chance, Adam has a responsibility to set the example. He let's the crews know that they have to prove themselves every day and earn people's trust again.

"It blew me away when I found out their history. I'm just so amazed," said Arlene Beck, who uses Everything Outdoors Lawn and Maintenance.

I think it gives them a stepping stone to further their lives. They have each other to depend on. They've shown me a good hour's work for an hour's pay.

"We cut grass. We do new landscape installation, pavers, pressure washing, sod," Harrell explains.

The work is hard, nothing glamorous, but the men couldn't be happier. It's honest work. They hold each other up and accountable. This is about redemption and not just for themselves. Adam said, "My family took a, took a lot of sleepless nights over me."

"I've had to call them three times to do odd jobs; they're out the next day. They do it, they're done. Prices are good. Their personalities, I can't beat them. What can I say," Beck said.

Adam said Pathways for Change set them on a right course and with that foundation of faith, they're only looking ahead. "After I did my 18 months there, you know, instead of looking down the rest of my life as a waste, I had some hope. It's just gotten better. Every day it's better," said Harrell.

Angels In Our Midst is brought to you by the Children's Hospital at Sacred Heart.
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