Company bringing miracles to seniors in the community

Company bringing miracles to seniors in the community

As a frail senior, temperature extremes can put Arretha Hall in danger. That's what she was facing when, after constant and expensive repairs, her central AC and heating unit just quit one day.

“I had to go to my daughter's house. It was just so, I tried staying here, but it made me sick. I thought they would have to take me to the hospital,” Arretha said.

Briant Daws, owner of Peaden AC, Plumbing and Electrical, knows what that can mean. His concern for the community's elders led Briant to contact the Council on Aging a couple of years ago.

“The intention was to get out in our community and see what we could do to help,” he said.

What they have done is a blessing to elders like Miss Arretha. When the Council on Aging called Briant about her plight, he dispatched a crew loaded with the know-how, the tools, and a new central heating and air conditioning unit to install in her home.

“These systems are fairly expensive and so we feel like it's our duty to get out in the community and help to provide some assistance wherever we can for people that need it the most,” Briant explained.

It's just so exciting for me,” Arretha said. “I just turned 92 years old on the 9th of October and to have this is the biggest birthday gift I've ever had.”

A very special gift indeed. The unit, the installation - all provided for free.

Josh Newby with the Council on Aging says what Briant and his company have done over the years is nothing short of miracles for some on the seniors the agency serves.

“It's not only limited to air conditioning and heat, that's the best part. They've helped us with plumbing before. They've helped us with electrical before, with basic appliance installation. They have done it all. We call them and they are there for our seniors,” Josh said.

“I've been in this community for 30 years and knowing that we've helped someone, just in any way possible; whether it's fixing a toilet or helping them with some wiring or, in this case, installing a new air conditioner ... It's something that I feel like I'm giving back to a place that I've been a part of for a long time. So, it makes me feel really good,” Briant said.

Miss Arretha's breathing easier and in comfort. She doesn't have to seek refuge at her children's homes anymore. In fact, they plan to come to mama's house for a real Thanksgiving.

“I just don't have words to thank everybody, everybody that would, that thought that I needed the help and you gave it to me,” Arretha said.

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