Making the seemingly impossible happen

Making the seemingly impossible happen. (Source: WEAR-TV)

Have you ever known someone who loves taking on a tough challenge, in fact, the tougher the better?

Fortunately, the children in our community found just such an Angel In Our Midst; Sally Rosendahl, "The building is located on Anderson Street and we've named her, "Miss Anderson" but she needed a lot of work and they said, "We have absolutely no budget for this", and that had my name on it."

A major project to help children, no money in the budget for it, no volunteers lined up for the work; that is just the type of seemingly impossible challenge Sally Rosendahl is eager to tackle.

Executive Director Stacey Kostevicki says this board member was the perfect person to step up and take the lead for an expansion of the Gulf Coast Kid's House; "We see the most egregious cases of abuse; physical and sexual abuse. And here under one roof child-friendly roof. They get medical exams. We have prosecutors in the building, mental health counseling."

Gulf Coast Kid's House needed more space for their mission. An old laundry building on an adjacent property on Anderson Street was a prime location ... but ... "This place was in shambles. It just looked terrible. The concrete walls, the amount of dirt and grime, and the junk that was just stuffed in this building." That was David Peaden's reaction.

David is a fellow Kid's House board member but he's also Executive Director of the Home Builders Association.

He knows what it takes to pull off a project of this magnitude. With her team of volunteers she recruited all along the way, Sally was a woman with a purpose.

David saw it firsthand, "Rolled up her sleeves, got dirty, got on her hands and knees, cleaned floors, got in the bathroom, removed toilets; whatever it took she was going it." Stacey watched in amazement too, "She recruited everyone she knew to help. But, not only that, she was here from eight til five almost every day, every weekend; ripping her nails out. We saw her covered in dust; great project manager and truly put her own blood, sweat and tears into this project."

With majority volunteer labor and gifted materials, including the ceiling tiles donated by senior art students at Pace High School, the "Miss Anderson" is almost ready for move-in.

Here will be a new space to teach child abuse prevention and to help minimize trauma to the children served at Kid's House.

David says he knows where the credit belongs, "I don't think we could have done it without her. It is truly a blessing that she's put so much work into this." For Sally, it's another thing accomplished for the children, "It was truly an honor, not a job."

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