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Medical tech sharing her simple gift with patients

Medical tech shares her simple gift

There was a time when she thought her art was only good enough to display in her own home. Then, one day, Miranda Bullock took a chance to try to bring comfort to other children. This is what happened when an angel spread her wings.

"When my kids were several years old. I started painting in their rooms and then friends of mine wanted to me paint their rooms, their children's rooms, and it just kind of morphed from there," Miranda explained.

When Miranda came to work as an ultrasound tech at Nemours Children's Specialty Care, she knew that a sea of children would be coming to visit every day. Those visits can take some time and little ones sometimes get a tad bit anxious and antsy.

Miranda had an idea that the art that pleased her children would make a difference here too.

"We scan a lot of really young children and it gives them something to look at and something to find. We give them a flashlight and there are things hidden in the painting that they can find."

In no time at all, the one mural in her room led to original art pieces all over the building. At a point in time, her art became an emotional and physical healing tool for herself. Miranda had two cancer diagnoses; the first with a prognosis of five years. One of her daughters was just five years old.

"My youngest child is 15 now so I'm borrowing a few years. And I just try to make a difference," she said. "I want to make a difference 'cause I feel like, you know, I was given a gift and I want to give back and give that gift to everybody else."

And she's sharing it with a passion. Miranda's been asked to do certain themes in different rooms. Sometimes it's a seemingly simple request, but one that has a personal touch for someone.

"One of the girls I work with, like I said, she had glasses when she was a little girl and she's like, 'Oh, it would be fun to have glasses on one of them.' So, we did that," she said.

The playful pandas along one wall are dear to heart.

"These are two of my favorites because they're like what kids do," she said.

She's closing in on 100 pieces of artwork at Nemours and the ink and paint are still flowing. Miranda's mind is full of images she hopes will bring comfort and a smile to the face of a child.

Angels In Our Midst is sponsored by Nemours Children's Specialty Care.

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