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Meet the man behind a local business and community hub for all generations

Meet the man behind a local business and community hub for all generations

From outward appearances, it's a small neighborhood business. What radiates from the inside, is a community institution. The man responsible, they say, is an Angel in Our Midst.

Never ending conversations, hard truths, and some colorful tales are told here.

Welcome to Farrow's Barber Shop. Franklin Farrow's been barbering for 53 years and has served four and five generations of some families. But, perhaps more than a barber shop, Mr. Farrow hosts a community hub.

Rev. Bernard Yates is Farrow's pastor and longtime customer.

"He's always been a very encouraging fellow. Always got jokes, always on the lighter side of things. But, I see him as a public servant," he said.

Lively discussions will keep you caught up on politics and current events.

Mr. Farrow said that's important, "We try to be intelligent when we start voting so we'll be able to pick the right one."

There's always the challenge for bragging rights during every sports season. You might not want to bet against the owner while you're in his chair.

"Miami Dolphins - football. LaBron - that's my basketball team, Cleveland," he said.

You can count on getting a dose of church. He said the years have given him a few words of wisdom to share, especially for young folks.

"Doing the right thing and put God first," he said.

All the conversation flows both ways with the unspoken code of respectfully agreeing to disagree. Ulysses McCreary loves the atmosphere here.

"He just keeps a good environment. A lot of preachers and deacons and all that come here and Mr. Farrow just don't have no junk," he said.

When his customers are in the hospital or nursing home, he goes to see them and take his services with him. This barber makes house calls. Farrow said he's just returning the favor.

"My customers take care of me when they're up, then when they get down, I take care of them," he said.

From this little hamlet on a westside street corner, Franklin Farrow has shaped more than a few lives. For Commissioner Lumon May, visits to Farrow's are a family tradition.

"You'd learn to play dominos and you learned to play chess. You learned a little bit about the Bible. You learned a little bit about politics. But, you learned a lot about the community. Growing up as a young man, to see the entrepreneurship of a guy that we all looked up to because he owned his own place," he said.

When you come to Farrow's, hit the pause button on your hectic pace and sit a spell. You see, it's widely known and appreciated that Mr. Farrow shows up on "his" schedule and works at his pace. Still, Rev. Yates says everyone patiently waits.

"Well, because he's the man. I mean, he kind of comes to church when he gets ready. Hey, but I know he's going to be there," Rev. Yates said.

Angels In Our Midst is sponsored by Nemours Children's Specialty Care.

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