"Angel" delivers compassion and care with a smile

Compassion and care delivered with a smile

At the Sacred Heart Children's Hospital, everybody knows “Miss T”.

Traniece Williams is a Pediatric Catering Associate who has the million-dollar smile and a few deals up her sleeve.

“She comes in and the kids just respond,” said Teresa Weaver, “she's got the "it" factor.”

Eating can be critical to a child getting better, but it is sometimes the last thing they feel like doing. That's a challenge Miss T is determined to meet. Those "bargaining chips" may mean she comes in before or stays after her shift. She even comes in on her days off.

Williams said it’s no big deal. “What's a little time? We're not always promised tomorrow. We're not promised the next minute so, why not give it,” said Williams.

Nikki Johnson said Williams goes above and beyond her job to make sure her daughter, Ashlyn, is well taken care of. “If Ashlyn is in a mood, she will bring her two or three apple juices. She will bring her several yogurts. She will bring her ice cream,” said Johnson.

She's got a little something for the parents too and it’s delivered with a smile.

“She's actually been there to give me a hug a time or two when I've needed it,” said Johnson, “we love her.”

“It's so easy to make somebody's day. It's so easy. A smile does so much,” said Miss T, “I used to be ashamed of my smile but a smile does so much for so many people, a simple smile.”

Angels In Our Midst is sponsored by the Studer Family Children's Hospital at Sacred Heart.

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