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Small church making big difference for the less fortunate

Small church making big difference for the less fortunate

They're a small congregation, but with the help of other churches, they're making big things happen for those who are poor and hurting.

From the outside it appears to be a small country church. There are 100 members at Ensley First Baptist. There are hundreds more who come here throughout each week for more than the food for their souls. The outreach ministries help provide for their daily living.

"He calls us to serve and reach out to the least of these," said Ensley First Baptist Church Pastor Rev. Jeff Henry. "So that's a burden the Lord has on our hearts to help them."

Pastor Jeff said that help is not confined within the walls of this church. In fact, with support from churches across the region, they're all about "taking it to the streets."

On Tuesdays, they load their bus with food, water, and supplies and deliver to the homeless in their camps and along the roadways. On Sundays, they bring the homeless here for a meal and chance to shower. The church's newest mission is their cold weather shelter for women and children.

"We want to get some of the homeless women and children off the streets so they can get showers and a meal and a warm place to sleep," Pastor Jeff said. "Living out of their vehicle and they had their children with them, it breaks your heart."

There are many choices and just life situations that have led them to a life on the streets. Some of their stories are not what you might expect.

"There's a homeless woman that I'm aware of whose husband died and he basically took care of her her entire marriage. And she's elderly now and she lives with her dog out in the woods," Pastor Jeff said.

For this ministry, it takes those special people with a heart for the least, the last, and the lost.

Perry and Shannon Sixma came here for years to get comfort, supplies, and relief. Today, they're on the giving end.

"Couldn't have asked for no more than what they've given to my wife and I from the time we ended up on the streets to the time we ended up back in a home of our own,'" Perry said.

Pastor Jeff said this little beacon of hope keeps shining because of the volunteers and businesses that give, and the miracles along the way.

"We know it's of God these things that are happening because there's no way on our own we could do them," Pastor Jeff said. "And every time that He lays something on our heart, He finishes it."

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