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Team members going the extra mile to help low-income families with legal issues

Team members going the extra mile to help low-income families with legal issues

Legal Services of North Florida is a nonprofit agency that provides free or low-cost legal help to income-eligible clients. Their motto is: Hope. Justice. For all.

Lola Thompson is one of the first faces you'll see when you enter the offices of Legal Services of North Florida. She's the lead secretary and intake specialist.

"Screen all of our clients; make sure they qualify based on their income," she said.

Judy Naler is the Community Outreach Coordinator and a paralegal.

"Being a part of the case review every week where we talk about the cases that have come in, who's going to handle them. What's the best way to help this individual or family," she said.

Now, they may not carry the higher profile title of attorney, but the staff will tell you, these ladies are the heart and soul of the agency. Clients come to here get legal help that they otherwise could not afford.

Lola and Judy both bring life experiences that help them relate to the struggles others are facing.

"I have been a single mother, raising three sons. I worked two and three jobs in order to do that, you know. And now they're all adults and all. And then I talk about the abuse that I dealt with when I was married," Lola said.

"The first thing she did, she took away my fears; she calmed me. She said, 'OK, allow me to help you,'" said Joyce Nichols.

When some clients arrive, it is at a stressful time; it is not their best day. That's when it pays to have that mother wit and that social worker instinct front and center, and then there's that other thing they bring to the table.

"They see a person that has the fear of God in her. She treats people the way she wants to be treated," Joyce said.

"They both base their actions on their faith," said Christina Kelly Fausel.

They're just such good caring people, and the kind of people you definitely want on your side fighting for you.

Quiet and unassuming warriors they are; helping to seek justice and peace of mind.

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