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Thrift shop volunteer making a difference one piece of clothing at a time

Thrift shop volunteer making a difference one piece of clothing at a time

There are countless volunteers in our community who are people who just want to help.

They do the thankless jobs without fanfare or accolades in hopes that they'll make a difference.

These are the quiet, unsung Angels In Our Midst - like Nancy Trump.

Shortly after former Navy Corpsmen Jason and Irene Lee opened the Molino Outreach Ministry, a lady showed up one day with a request.

"About six years ago, she actually was one of the first people who came up to me and just asked me if it would be okay for her to come up here and help. And I said, 'Sure, good Lord, we can use all the help we can get,'" Jason said.

"I wanted to volunteer and help the people in the area. I feel sorry for the children and the elderly people," Nancy explained.

Seeing a tremendous need in the north end of the county, the Lees had turned a vacant storefront into a very low-cost thrift store. There are new and used household items, furniture, mattresses; but, mainly clothes - lots of clothes. That's where Nancy found herself right at home, getting items ready for the racks. She wasn't looking for a limelight position, just a place where she could serve.

"Today she'll hang anywhere between probably 400 and 600 pieces of clothes," Jason said.

"When I was coming up, my mom, she had to work two and three jobs to support us kids," Nancy explained.

Because of volunteers like Nancy, the ministry can keep the cost of everything here low. Today, for example, every item of clothing is only 50 cents - used, new, designer labels and all. That's a blessing for the poor and those going through a rough patch.

"I come here and get real nice stuff for school and every day and I really love it. I get stuff for myself too," said Carolyn Williams.

The ministry's reputation has led to continuous donations of goods and that's fine by Miss Nancy. The money generated from sales also helps families facing other struggles, too.

"She really is a blessing. We wouldn't be able to do this if it wasn't for her and people like her. There's just no way," Jason said.

"What this is all about? Helping people," Nancy said.

Angels In Our Midst is sponsored by Nemours Children's Specialty Care.

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