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UWF music education professor inspiring generations of students

UWF music education professor inspiring generations of students

Dr. Larry Reed's name is widely acclaimed in the field of music education. He's been sharing music for 56 years.

Over those 56 years, Dr. Reed has taught music to every age from Pre-K to senior adults. The number of students is countless - many classes and choruses were huge.

Students were so reeled in by his love of music, they would recruit others, like through the 90s at Escambia High School.

"They would identify, 'Oh, there's a new family moved into our community and they're in our church and they sing in the choir.' Bring them to me, and so, by the time I left Escambia, we had over 300 kids in the choral program," Dr. Reed.

Dr. Reed is gifted instrumentally and vocally and he thrives on sharing those gifts. Caleb Lovely is a former student and now a teacher himself.

"He has a spirit that is just always engaging us, always about the betterment of somebody else's musical journey. So, he practices what he preaches," Lovely said.

Many students and proteges have gone on to great accomplishments. They give this humble man much credit.

"The man has every right to be extremely proud of what he's accomplished and what his students are still accomplishing, but you'd never know it. You'd absolutely never know it. In my experience in the profession, that's very rare," said UWF Dean of the College of Arts, Social Sciences, and Humanities Dr. Steve Brown.

While he is coming out of the classroom and choral rooms, Dr. Reed said the rumors of his retirement are a bit exaggerated.

"I'm going to continue to work with student teachers. Those are my babies. It's been a wonderful trip and I'm not gonna stop," Dr. Reed said.

Through the many lives that he's touched, for generations to come, the music will play on.

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