Woman using kindness and special skills to save local stray animals

Woman using kindness and special skills to save local stray animals

On most nonprofit boards, the hardest committee to fill is probably the fundraising group. One local organization found not only someone willing to serve in that role, but they found an Angel eager to lead.

"I've been volunteering in animal rescue for almost 10 years now. I rescued and adopted two pit bulls and that's what led me to the path I'm on now," said Rose Lockhart with Friends of the Escambia County Animal Shelter.

When Ros joined Friends of the Escambia County Animal Shelter two years ago, she found a small group of board members and volunteers who shared her commitment to helping abandoned and stray animals. Their latest big project has been doing this makeover of the Animal Shelter through a grant from the Rescue Rebuild organization.

"Besides a beautiful new outside look, they're getting a total renovation inside. The pets are going to have the opportunity to have more space to be free; a meet and greet area for the public," she said.

As well as putting in manual labor and being hands-on with the animals, Rose brings a special talent that is invaluable to Friends. It takes money for them to accomplish the work that they do.

"I set up fundraisers for the group in order to help get the animals transported up north to the two no-kill shelters. We raise money for the spay and neuter," she said.

Her efforts have helped Friends transport 750 animals to safe shelters and new homes, avoiding being put down. Another 37 are leaving within a day. Still, there are hundreds waiting and more coming in every day. For county staff, what this group has been able to accomplish, is nothing short of a blessing.

"They've taken it to heart and they've really made a huge difference for us. Just having that partnership together; them being able to support us in ways that we can't do as a County entity, it's phenomenal," said John Robinson with Escambia County Animal Services and Control.

Rose said she's just honored to be a part of this team that fuels her passion for the animals.

"It's a great group of women and I'm very proud of this group. Very proud of them," she said.

Remember the face and the name Rose Lockhart. You may well encounter her at some point as she asks for help for her furry friends.

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