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Young car enthusiast getting chance of a lifetime

Young car enthusiast getting chance of a lifetime

Some children on the autism spectrum will become fascinated with different things from time to time. They will totally immerse themselves in that topic.

Jordan Carriles, 12, is fascinated with cars - Mercedes and Volvo's in particular. He spends hours online researching every make and model.

One day he called Centennial Imports in Pensacola. Well, he didn't just call once.

“I would call for inventory prices about my dream car and I would talk to them multiple times a day during the week. I would ask, ‘What kind of cars do you have. Do you have this car? What's the price?’” Jordan said.

“I just told him I'd send him a brochure and curious, he said, ‘Are they for free?’ I mailed him out one and he received it a couple of days later. Then he called back, I believe it was on a Monday, and asked if I could send him a couple more,” said David Wrynn.

While David was fielding Jordan's many calls, an anxious mom reached out herself - concerned that he was calling too much. Melissa Carriles needed to explain about her son.

“I wanted them to know up front, my son has Asperger's. He's very interested in Mercedes and I just wanted to make sure that it was OK that he called. Because I knew that he was calling quite a bit,” she explained.

Not that an explanation was needed. David went to Jordan's house with a brochure on every vehicle they sell and a backpack full of memorabilia. Nick Humphrey then took the lead on bringing Jordan to the showroom.

“Just to see the excitement on his face when he actually got to the dealership, it was just amazing,” Nick said.

They took Jordan on test drives in almost every model on the lot as he told them about features on each car.

David and Nick are so impressed with Jordan, they've arranged a tour of the auto plant in Birmingham where his dream car is made and they've set up a bank account to get him started on saving to buy one someday.

“Each individual sale where somebody comes in and mentions his name, we're going to give him some money to put in his savings account,” David said.

For that, a mom and son are grateful.

“I can't say thank you enough. It's truly been an amazing, amazing experience that they were brought into our lives,” she said.

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