First year teacher engages students by giving them a glimpse of the world

Photo source: WEAR-TV

Alex Proctor is a first year social studies teacher at Warrington Middle School. She was shocked when she went to buy classroom supplies.

"Oh my gosh you have no idea. I would go to Walmart, I was shocked at how much stuff costs," Proctor said.

She did the best she could with the little money she had but her classroom walls were bare. She wanted to teach the students about the world, but needed a map all she had was a blow up globe she got at the dollar store.

"Getting them to understand from exploration where spain is, and coming teaching that was challenging," she said.

She needed more to keep her students engaged. That's why Hill-Kelly Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram is 'Paying it Forward to Education' and donated $500.

She was able to make that money go incredibly far.

"I was doing a bunch of research for best item, best price, I needed every penny of $500 and I used it all," Proctor said.

She was able to turn her bare classroom into a space for learning, filled with classroom posters, lots of mini globes, a microphone so everyone can hear her.

"The eagerness has gone up, they are more excited, more hands on experience, get to see new things. I can say now we have a poster about that," said Proctor.

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