Pay it Forward: Turning students into scientists

Photo: Jodi Green at Bellview Elementary School Source: WEAR

Throughout October and November, we are "Paying it Forward for Education". Hill-Kelly Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram has teamed up with WEAR to give $500 to a teacher with an idea that will help her students.

Jodi Green is a 5th-grade science teacher at Bellview Elementary. She said hands-on learning is the best way to learn.

"They need to have science in their hands. We could sit with books, do homework, but doing hands-on things, it makes such a huge difference, " Green said.

Her vision is for her class to fall in love with science through experiments. However, experiments cost money- money that teachers don't have.

That's why Hill-Kelly Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram gave her $500 to "Pay it Forward to Education".

The money is allowing them to do experiments two to three times a week.

Green said, "We bought quite a bit of things. Microscopes, scratchplates, we bought heating units, electric kettles....we got graduated cylinders, just basic plastic cups, borax."

The experiments are often simple, but they help them understand difficult concepts.

One experiment is called "elephant toothpaste" By mixing yeast, water, and soap, there is a chemical reaction and it looks like elephant toothpaste. It's not only fun, but they learn the difference between a chemical and physical reaction.

Green said, "They did see a chemical reaction and they all knew it was a chemical reaction. They learned it comes with color, fizz and heat and heat was something they noticed today."

Student Noah Cooper said, "It helps me learn because I'm not that good at other stuff, but I'm good at hands-on stuff. "

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