Smart pens helping students improve learning retention

Smart pens helping students improve learning retention

Throughout October and November, WEAR along Hill-Kelly Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram are 'Paying it Forward for Education." This week, we introduce you to a teacher at Workman Middle school using new technology to help her students retain the lessons.

Laura Tate is a teacher at Workman Middle School. She teaches learning strategies, it's for students that need a little extra help.

She said, "These are students that come to my class to get extra support, sometimes these are students that don't know how to take notes, so its really important that we teach those skills."

Some students have a hard time retaining the lessons, so she wanted high tech pens that record the lessons for them. They are called Livescribe pens, but they cost around $200.

That's why Hill-Kelly Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram gave her $500 to "Pay it Forward to Education."

The pens look like regular ink pens, but they do so much more.

Tate said, "They record as students write. They have specialized notebooks, where you are recording discussion and it's syncing what's being written and what's being said. It takes the focus off taking perfect notes and lets students interact in discussion and participate in class."

As a student writes, it records what the teacher is saying. They can go back and click on that section of notes, and hear the lesson that goes with it. Eighth-grader Bethany Salgado said it is helping her grades a lot.

"I've been having better grades. It's really easy and I love using it, just mind blowing you can do that," she said.

Right now, they only have two pens, so students share them. Tate said it's a game changer for many students.

"I have students asking to borrow them, use them in other classrooms," Tate said.

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