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Teacher invests in 3D printer to give students tangible science lessons

WEAR - Pay It Forward for Education

Channel 3 News, along with Hill-Kelly Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram are giving away a total of $4,000 dollars over the next two months and paying it forward to education. So many incredible teachers submitted innovative projects. We will be highlighting those each week. This week we go to Milton High School.

Tasia Wells has been teaching Biology for the past five years. Just last year she got a 3D printer for her classroom

"It's a moldable plastic, machine heats it up so its plyable, and can be turned into all sorts of shapes, tiny little lines, one line at a time," Wells explained.

Those tiny lines create little skulls so they can study evolution. T-Rex dinosaurs so they can talk about extinction.

"It gives them something to look at. A lot of Biology is too small to see and makes it really hard to get," Wells said.

The problem is, the ink which is called filament is very expensive.

"The filament is out of our budget. Each roll is between $25 and $30 dollars. Just printing last couple weeks, we went through two to three rolls of filament," she said.

It costs around $500 a year for them to have enough filament to make what they need for their classroom. It's money Tasia didn't have. That's until Hill-Kelly Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram heard about her project and surprised her with $500 to Pay It Forward for Education.

The students say it makes a big difference.

"It's a more of physical way to look at it, rather than reading and trying to viusalize it, you can actually touch it, which is pretty cool," said 9th grader Alijah Dauphin.

Every item they make will be shared with other classrooms for many years to come.

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