Teacher uses robots to teach students to code

Photo source: WEAR-TV

This Spring, WEAR along with Hill-Kelly Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram are "Paying it Forward to Education".

This week, we introduce you to a 4th grade teacher at Chumuckla Elementary using robots to teach all subjects!

Tammy Chutes is a 4th grade teacher at Chumuckla Elementary. She is a STEAM specialist, combining science, technology, engineering, art and math in all lessons.

"When they grow up they are going to be expected to know about coding, experiencing more with technology than we would have ever expected," Chutes said.

Right now she is teaching her students about early exploration but she's doing it with 2018 technology. So rather than using maps, they are using robots.

"They are taking what they know about angles measurements and conversions and using coding to plot a course, we've been learning about the Spanish explorers, they are mapping a course to get from beginning to the finish line," Chutes explained.

The students plot the course and then through coding, get their robot to follow it.

"The coding is working by this tells robot what to do so we code this to get it around the course," a student said.

Her class is able to do this, thanks to Hill-Kelly Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram paying it forward to education and donating $500.

With that money-she was able to buy several more robots, plus one for advanced coding.

Chutes said, "he's neat because hes more interactive, he has avatars, voice activated, takes coding to the next level."

Chutes said she's already seeing a difference in the classroom.

"Oh my gosh, math scores through the roof," Chutes said.

Chutes said it's not only helping them learn their lessons, but it's getting them ready for the future.

"Anytime I can take a subject and incorporate technology, especially the very basics of coding, the jobs of their future, they will be looking at engineering science," Chutes said.

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