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Creating little doctors: Teacher launches elementary medical school

Creating little doctors: Teacher launches elementary medical school

WEAR, along with Hill-Kelly Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram, are 'Paying it Forward to Education.' This week we introduce you to an educator at Hellen Caro Elementary creating little doctors.

Third graders in Julie Walker's gifted classroom look like little doctors with their white jackets - and they sound like doctors!

"We are making influenza, also known as the flu," one student told Channel 3's Christina Leavenworth.

Walker calls the program Code Blue. Students get to choose what type of doctor they want to be.

"The children get to pick between five different physicians, cardio, infectious, gastro," she said.

She started it to help them learn the human body.

"What they do is start with a diagram after they've taken their broad exam, work with a model, patient, diagnose, and come up with treatments," she said.

The children are learning how the lungs work through balloons. The little orthopedic surgeons are building joints and the infectious disease docs are building viruses.

This year is different because she wanted to enhance their learning with these life-like models, but they are pricey.

That's why Hill-Kelly Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram stepped up with $500 to Pay It Forward to Education.

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