Local woman gifted $1,500 for helping community, family

Local woman gifted $1,500 for helping community, family

Each year, WEAR teams up with Hill-Kelly Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram and surprises deserving people with a big Christmas gift. The dealership gives away more than $3,000 in cash and presents to our three finalists. This year, the grand prize winner is Diane Lowery.

It's been a tough year for Diane Lowery and her family. She is raising her grandchild full-time, her elderly parents aren't doing too well, and her husband was diagnosed with throat cancer.

Lowery said, "We didn't know if he was going to be here. That was tough and he couldn't go to work, so we got way behind. This is the first year we haven't had presents under the tree."

She said this year has felt like one thing after another.

"The motor blew on the truck, transmission blew, and we had to borrow from relatives," Lowery said.

On top of all this, Lowery runs the Panhandle Equine Rescue. She's rescued more than 100 horses in our area that were either starved or abused and has brought them back to good health.

Six different people saw her need and nominated her to be our "Holiday Pay it Forward" winner. She was nominated because of how much she helps everyone she knows.

The three finalists were put on the Channel 3 News website, and we asked for the community to vote for the story that touched their heart the most. The votes were counted, and Lowery won the grand prize.

Hill-Kelly Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram surprised her family with gifts and the grand prize of $1,500

General manager Miles Bentley said "We have the ability on a small scale to give back. That's important to me and our dealer, Malinda Fiveash."

Lowery will use the money to buy a few gifts and catch up on bills.

"I want to get my mom and dad something for Christmas. I'll be able to get in the Christmas spirit if I can give, that will be nice," said Lowery.

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