Music teacher putting a new twist on an age-old instrument


Remember the song "Hot Cross Buns"?

It went like this, "Hot cross buns, Hot cross buns, one a penny, two a penny, hot cross buns."

Many of us learned that song when we got recorders in music class in elementary school.

Music teacher Cathy Melton, said "I've been teaching over 30 years. I have students from way back who still stop me and say I can still play 'Hot Cross Buns'."

Melton teaches at Oakcrest Elementary. She wanted her current students to have that same memory, but a teacher's salary makes it difficult to provide all students with recorders. She knows the power music can have on a child's education.

"Students that have music education have better brain power. It goes in both sides of the brain, helps you do better with math and reading."

That's why Hill-Kelly Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram stepped in and donated $500 to "Pay it Forward to Education" buy recorders for 250 students.

Melton has already taught her class the classic song, but she's going to put a new twist on the age-old instrument. It's called "Recorder Karate."

"As the students learn the songs, they will get a belt. A little ribbon, each song is a different level. Starts with white, red, all the way to black belt .

Her goal is the recorder provides the students with the basics and starts a love for music at a young age.

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