Pay It Forward: Unique Learning for unique students


Megan Wolter is a special needs teacher at Sherwood Elementary.

"I have students that have occupational and physical therapy, fine motor, intellectually disabled, students labeled with autism, down syndrome, we have a lot of everything," Wolter says.

She has eight students of varying needs and grade levels.

"Planning can be difficult, preparing for them," Wolter says, adding, "sometimes I have three topics I have to cover for each grade level, and if it's one topic I have to change it for each skill level."

Wolter wanted a computer program called Unique Learning that will help teach kids all the same lesson but will work with their different levels at the same time.

However, the program is pricey- $500. That's where Hill-Kelly Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram stepped in and gave her the money to Pay It Forward for Education.

Through the new program, all of Wolter's students can sit together learning the same lesson that has been adjusted to each child's individual learning level.

She says it works through pictures and words. Non-verbal students can point, while others can read the story with her.

"Both ways I can get their comprehension skills," Wolter explains.

She believes it will be a game changer in her classroom.

"This way we can everyone talk about the same subject, somewhat of the same math lessons but working at their skill level," Wolter says.

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