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Students learn scientific method from escape room

Students learn scientific method from escape room

This fall, WEAR, along with Hill-Kelly Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram, are "Paying it Forward" to education.

Teachers have submitted their creative ideas to win $500 for their classrooms. We've selected eight winners.

This week, we introduce you to a teacher at Sims Middle School in Pace teaching her students science through an escape room.

The key to get students to learn is to get them engaged. Sims Middle School seventh grade science teacher Jennifer Schmitt is doing just that by turning her classroom into an escape room.

Each group has a different dilemma and different puzzles. For one group, their science project has gone missing and they must open each lock to find it.

A video plays explaining to the students the mystery they must solve. "The big day has arrived, the school science fair. It's crunch time, look for clues sprawled around the room. You better get moving.”

They may think they are playing a game, but at the same time, they are learning the scientific method.

Schmitt said, "Working through the steps of the method, different of it, work together, critical thinking skills. They get to move around, think creatively, exciting for them."

Schmitt could put the escape classroom together through the help of Hill-Kelly Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram. They gave her $500 to "Pay it Forward" to her students.

With that money, Schmitt could buy each and every box, lock, and prop.

She also purchased an educational program that designs escape rooms for classrooms. There are 200 different escape kits that are all science based.

She said, "It takes things that are traditionally dry material and makes it was more interactive, they forget they are reviewing. "

Schmitt hopes to use it at least a few times a month. She said she's already seen major learning gains.

"One of the greatest things, the kids are learning because they are engaged, rather than listening or reading,” she said.

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