Adult vaccinations: 65 is the 'golden age' for imminuzations


Most people know how important immunizations can be for kids, but many adults may not realize they need shots, too.

Whether you're young or older, shots are never fun, but doctors said they're vital at every age.

Cindy Moreno, 53, is meeting with her doctor to make sure she's up-to-date on her immunizations.

During our golden years, Dr. Fred Campbell with UT Health San Antonio said 65 is the golden age for updating your shots, especially for those with poor immune systems.

At the top of the list: the influenza vaccine.

"Influenza vaccines will save tens of thousands of Americans, not to mention worldwide," Dr. Campbell said.

He said it's not always 100 percent effective, but it's pretty close.

Also important is the pneumonia vaccine.

"It can reduce the incidents of pneumonia in general and specifically pneumococcal pneumonia," Dr. Campbell explained.

He said the tetanus vaccine is one you get when you're younger, but it doesn't last longer than 10 years. You should get it again when you're older.

The shingles vaccine is another one, too.

Cindy's up-to-date and dodged the needle today, but as a nurse herself, who works with sick people every day, she said you have to stay on top of your health for your sake and other people's, too.

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