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HEALTH WATCH: Sacred Heart one of six


Sacred Heart Hospital is about to be one of six certified "Baby Friendly" hospital in Florida.
There are only ninety hospitals in the country with the highly coveted seal.

Hospitals that are "Baby Friendly" do not give out formula to new mothers, and they follow ten steps to encourage and promote breast feeding.

Baby Kolton is only five hours old...and he's already nursed two times.
One of the first decisions his parents made after they found out they were expecting -- was to raise Kolton as a breast fed baby.

"Since day one, we even went to the class together."
Lead Lactation Specialist Jennifer South says because the Goodells took a class -- and have talked to their parents and grandparents about their firm decision to not formula feed -- they will likely succeed.
"Lack of support is the number one thing."

South all labor and delivery nurses and mother/baby nurses have gotten 20 hours of additional breast-feeding training.
"He's beautiful, have you been holding him skin to skin?"))

Immediate skin to skin contact after birth -- also called "kangaroo care", is part of the baby-friendly practice.
So is "couplet care".

Instead of staying in the nursery.
Babies are kept mostly with their mothers.

Nurse manager Niki Day says that makes for more confident new moms.
"Helps mom learn feeding cues and she's with the mom 24/7 so she knows when the babies hungry and can learn those so she goes home a little more prepared."

Another change -- artificial nipples or pacifiers are not encouraged...nor do they endorse a feeding schedule.
"Pacifiers do nothing but undermine breast feeding, so we just don't recommend that. Schedules who can tell you if that babies hungry or not, the baby is the only one."

South says feeding on demand increases milk supply -- and lengthens nursing.
"Follow his little cues, he's gonna tell you exactly what he needs."

South and Day have been preparing for the baby friendly designation for two years...It's taken a lot of education, re-education and mind shift changes for staff and new parents.
It's paying off already -- their breast feeding rates have risen by about ten percent

And should go even higher as the program get more established
"Stamp of excellence. Says you're really trying to do the right thing."

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