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Health Watch: How to baby proof your house

Just a few weeks ago, Ikea recalled 27 million chests and dressers. It was after 2 children died when the dresser fell on them. Several more were injured.

It's a common injury with a simple fix.

Doctors say it doesn't take much for the furniture to fall on the child. That's why they are reminding parents to secure furniture to the wall. If they don't, Sacred Heart Pediatric Emergency Room Dr. Shannon Boudreaux said, "Toddlers will look for everything. They will find a way to get to any type of object, toy, something shiny and will climb fairly high to get what they want."

Dr. Boudreaux said he sees several of these types of injuries each week. "Anything from head injuries. I've seen fractures, bleeds, head injuries, broken bones, dislocation, belly injuries." he said.

Its not just furniture, they say some of the worst injuries come from old school television sets. "A heavy TV can fall on their heads and cause significant injury. If they are vomiting, not acting themselves, acting lethargic, those are signs of a serious injury." he said.

If you notice any of those signs, they recommend you go straight to the hospital. However, doctors say the best bet is to baby proof your home before a little one has the chance to climb up it and hurt themselves.

Furniture straps can be found online from several hardware stores. There are also online tutorials on how to secure your furniture using hardware you probably already have at the house.