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Health Watch: Keeping your kids germ-free at home and school

By: Christina Leavenworth

As kids go back to school, it also kicks off cold season. Often once one kid gets sick in a classroom, it spreads quickly. How do you keep your child from getting sick? There are lots of tricks that help keep germs at bay.

Jodi Holz has had to learn these tricks because her son, 6-year-old Mitchell Holz has a heart condition. It's real easy for him to get sick. One way she keeps everyone healthy is by giving each of the three kids a germ fighting bag to take to school with them. It comes with sanitizer and plenty of tissues.

Nurse practitioner Heidy Hayden said that's a great tool to avoid getting sick. She said the key is keeping your hands clean. "If I get germs on my hands, I won't get sick. The minute I bring those germs to my eyes or mouth, you will get sick. That's where good hand washing comes to play."

There are other ways to keep germs from spreading. Doctors recommend sanitizing door knobs. Another idea is to swap out the hand drying towel in the bathroom or kitchen for paper towels. Also remember, toys can be germ magnets.

Nurse Hayden said, "Germs are on their toys. They can be put in the dish washer, stuffed animals in washing machine."

Hayden said another trick is to wash with saline the second you start to feel sick. She said, "Virus and bacteria want to sit in back of throat. So as soon as you get that sick feeling, if you flush your nose with saline every hour, you will be amazed how well that works."