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The dangers of pulling out baby teeth in extreme ways

Dangerous ways to pull out baby teeth

(WEAR) - One of the latest viral trends is kids pulling out their teeth in the most bizarre ways. We are giving you fair warning: These videos will likely make you cringe.

In one video, you can see Alexis yank out her tooth with a cross bow. Yes a CROSSBOW. While another boy, lets his parrot do the dirty work.

A father even pulled out his son's tooth with his camaro. Pediatric dentists tell us that this isn't that rare, they see it all.

Dr. Allie Simmons at Pensacola Kids Dentistry said, "We had one that hooked it up to a 4 wheeler and dad took off, luckily everything healed well and permanent teeth came in."

Dr. Simmons understands the kids trying to have fun, but she worries if a tooth is pulled incorrectly it can damage the gums and other teeth.

She said, "I watch it like this (covering her eyes), because I don't want to watch. I want to make sure they are okay....when we are pulling it out, a lot of times baby teeth are very close together and sometimes you will have permanent teeth and baby teeth where they will wiggle next to it. So sometimes we see attempts where they try to pull baby tooth out and it can damage adjacent permanent teeth. Those are super important teeth we don't want to mess with."

She says the safest way is to do it gently. "One of the best things to do is grab a washcloth and rather than back and forth motion, do a little twist. It comes out on its own. It's great, Mother Nature does the work, we just help a little."

She says she's not surprised by all the crazy methods because many people treat baby teeth as an after thought. She wants people to remember, permanent teeth are hanging out underneath and are often damaged before they even sprout.

Dr. Simmons and along with other area dentists are holding a free dental event for children February 26th and 27th. It's called "Give Kids a Smile" at Pensacola State College's Warrington Campus. They will be doing all dental services for children in the community.