A cleaner clean: Ditching household chemicals

A cleaner clean: Ditching household chemicals

A growing amount of research suggests chemicals in everyday products may put us at risk for health problems. A mom in Pensacola is trying to protect her family, by "switching and ditching" products around her house.

"I'm like every other mom and wife on the planet, I look on the shelves and I try to make the very best choice that I can for my family," said Rachael Davis.

When Rachael started researching the amount and possible effects of chemicals in common household products, she quickly learned labels have limits.

She explained, "Even things that say hypoallergenic or natural, the FDA even says that can mean anything, or nothing at all."

Channel 3's Laura Hussey walked through her home to see how she got rid of the top three offenders. Number one: household cleaners.

Rachael said, "So you make a switch to a natural cleaner that's plant and mineral-based and you find one that works."

She uses many essential oil based products, and now even teaches classes on switching to "cleaner" cleaners.

Number two: dryer sheets. She swears by inexpensive wool dryer balls.

She explained, "What they do is they keep your clothes separated, so bonus, it dries more quickly. But it also keeps your clothes soft, and what we have found is I no longer have that waxy feel."

Number 3: candles. Rachael said, "It's one of the major ways that we have chemicals in our home and we breathe them in when we have them burning all over. Everyone loves them I know."

She's substituted essential oil diffusers for fragrance and glow. She even found one that flickers.

Rachael's secret weapon is an app called "Think Dirty." Scanning a product's barcode gives a rating on how clean and green it really is. She suggests small changes, a few at a time.

She said, "I would rather make the investment in our health now than pay the piper later."