Daughter's quick thinking saves mom suffering from stroke

Daughter's quick thinking saves mom suffering from stroke

A seven-year-old's quick thinking may have saved her mother's life.

Jannielynn Capers remembers being scared when her mom Kelsey Cole fell on the bathroom floor and laid still with her eyes closed.

She recalled, "I told my mom 'Do I need to call Dad, do I need to call Dad?' and then she didn't speak at all!"

Jannielynn had no way of knowing what was wrong, but at age 27, Kelsey was having a stroke.

The little girl continued, "I was just thinking that I wanted to help my mama, so she could be alive."

Kelsey had made sure her daughter knew how to find her dad's listing on Kelsey's cell phone.

Jannielynn said, "Then I picked the phone up, picked his phone number and called him."

Jannielynn's quick action led to Kelsey being treated by Dr. Maria Toledo, a vascular neurosurgeon at Sacred Heart Hospital.

Dr. Toledo said, "She was at a high risk for death because you can die from a stroke."

A Biplane system with 3D imaging helped her break up the clot in Kelsey's brain.

Dr. Toledo continued, "We can reverse all of those symptoms, maybe not all of them but at least save a life, make them better, have a better quality of life, if they get to us quick enough."

'Quick' is the important word in this story. Dr. Toledo said speed is critical in reducing damage from strokes, as is getting to a stroke center with the right staff and equipment.

Jannielynn's phone call meant Kelsey got lifesaving treatment in time.

Kelsey said, "She's very independent, so she knows when something's wrong, she needs to get help in general. I'm very proud, she's amazing."