Is diet soda really healthier for you?

Source: MGN

Diet soda might seem like a smart choice if you're trying to control your weight and stay healthy.

But, it's not that simple.

"A lot of people think that diet soda has a health halo around it but unfortunately a lot of studies are coming out saying that's not the case," said Sacred Heart dietician Marita Radloff.

We asked Radloff about a specific new study that says diet soda raise your risk of dementia and stroke.

She says while there are concerns about diet soda, you can't take this study at face value.

That's because it didn't factor in other demintia risk factors that run parallel to soda consumpion.

"So if you have heart disease, if you're obese or if you have diabetes, you do have an increased risk for dementia. And that group of people, they tend to be the ones who drink the most diet soda, because they're trying to alleviate their risk of having those things," said Radloff.

Her opinion: the study doesn't prove that diet soda directly increases you risk for demintia and stroke, however it could be related because diet soda triggers the same response in your body as sugar, setting of metabolic reactions that lead to obesity and all its dangerous health complications.

"We don't know long-term effects of what that diet soda does not only to our diabetes risk, our heart disease risk, or even our brains like the dementia, we don't have long-term studies on that," said Radloff.

So, if neither sugary sodas nor diet sodas are really that great for ou, that the heck are you supposed to drink?

Radloff suggests flavored sparkling water, it comes in lots of brands and it's zero calories.