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Why you should know what the word “Mohs” means

Mohs Micrographic Surgery is an innovative new technique used to treat skin cancer.

It may sound like a strange word, but “Mohs,” or more specifically “Mohs Micrographic Surgery” (Mohs) could save your life one day.

Mohs is a specialized surgical technique for treating skin cancer. Named after its creator, Dr. Frederic Mohs, Mohs allows the doctor to perform the role of both surgeon and pathologist, by allowing for the immediate microscopic examination of removed cancerous tissue.

Why is this so groundbreaking? It means the patient doesn’t have to wait for days to find out the results of a pathology report from an outside lab. More importantly, Mohs gives patients the highest cure rate possible, by evaluating the entire border between the cancerous and healthy skin.

Here’s a breakdown of the Mohs process:

1.Doctor removes cancerous tissue.

a.The affected area is numbed and the visible cancer, plus a small margin of tissue around it, are removed.

2.Doctor creates a diagram of the area.

a.Meanwhile, the tissue is being processed in an in-house lab.


a.The doctor will examine the tissue and record any remaining cancerous cells on the “map” they created.

b.The doctor removes any additional cancerous cells from the patient, sparing the normal skin in the surrounding areas.

c.The process is repeated, and continues until the doctor determines all surrounding skin is healthy.

4.In-house repair.

a.Once the cancer has been completely removed, the doctor will perform reconstructive surgery to repair the patients wound. In most cases this can be taken care of the same day the cancer is removed.

There are two major differences between Mohs and other surgical techniques for removing skin cancer. The first is a 100% surgical margin evaluation. The second is one doctor performs the role of both surgeon and pathologist. The person performing the surgery is also the person interpreting the lab results, and handling the follow-up care.

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