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First to Offer Innovative TCAR Procedure for the Treatment of Carotid Artery Disease

Coastal Vascular and Interventional

PENSACOLA, Florida - November 30, 2017. Coastal Vascular & Interventional, PLLC is the first in the region to offer an innovative new treatment for patients at risk for stroke due to blockages in the neck arteries known as carotid artery disease. The minimally invasive procedure, called TransCarotid Artery Revascularization or TCAR, utilizes a new FDA-approved neuroprotection system that temporarily reverses blood flow in the artery during the procedure. Dangerous bits of plaque and blood clots that could dislodge and otherwise travel to the brain and cause a stroke are safely diverted away while a dedicated transcarotid stent is inserted to open and stabilize the blockage.

Every year, 15 million people worldwide suffer a stroke, also known as a “brain attack.” Nearly six million die and another five million are left permanently disabled. Stroke is the second leading cause of disability globally. Carotid artery disease is estimated to be the source of stroke in up to a third of cases and there are 400,000 new diagnoses of carotid artery disease made every year in the United States alone. ,

Prior to TCAR, the main treatment option for severe carotid artery disease was an open surgical procedure called carotid endarterectomy. The surgical technique allows for protection of the brain during the procedure, but the large incision leaves a visible scar the length of the neck and carries risks of surgical complications including bleeding, infection, heart attack, and cranial nerve injuries that can cause issues with swallowing, speaking, and sensation in the face.

Drs. Fernando Kafie and Huey McDaniel, board certified vascular surgeons at Coastal Vascular & Interventional, are among the first in the country to gain expertise with the TCAR procedure. “TCAR gives me the excellent neuroprotection I expect from carotid endarterectomy, but the procedure is far less invasive which has real benefit to the patient. They recover quickly with less pain, and the risks of both minor and major complications are significantly decreased,” explained Dr. Kafie. “It represents the modernization of carotid repair.”

“TCAR is an important new option in the fight against stroke, and is particularly suited for the large portion of patients we see who are at higher risk of complications from carotid endarterectomy due to age, other medical conditions, or anatomic issues. Because of its low stroke risk, we think TCAR has the potential to become the standard of care for all patients,” said Dr. Huey McDaniel. He further explains, “As vascular surgeons participating in VQI, Vascular Quality Initiatives, we have the ability to offer this technology to our patients at all regional hospitals from Pensacola to Miramar Beach, Florida.”

Coastal Vascular & Interventional, PLLC is a multispecialty practice consisting of board certified vascular surgeons and interventional radiologists. They have privileges at all area hospitals from Foley, AL east to Miramar Beach, FL and perform procedures at two outpatient centers in Pensacola and Niceville, Florida. With 12 offices along the Gulf Coast, they have unmatched experience in the region for treating disease of the arteries and veins and are active participants in numerous clinical research trials allowing usage of the latest technological advancements. For more information about Coastal VI, its physicians, and services, go to or call (850) 479-4223.


About VQI

The SVS Patient Safety Organization, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Society for Vascular Surgery, improves patient safety and the quality of health care delivery by providing web-based collection, aggregation, and analysis of clinical data submitted in registry format for all patients undergoing specific vascular treatments. The Society for Vascular Surgery PSO oversees the data sharing partnerships and patient safety initiatives of the Vascular Quality Initiative (VQI).

The Vascular Quality Initiative, a joint venture of M2S Inc. and the Society for Vascular Surgery, collects and analyzes data to improve the quality of vascular care. Currently, VQI has more than 370 facilities and 2,800 physicians participating, and 270,000+ vascular procedures reported. Its 12 clinical registries are Carotid Endarterectomy, Carotid Artery Stenting (including TCAR), Open AAA Repair, Endovascular AAA Repair, TEVAR and Complex EVAR, Infra-Inguinal Bypass, Supra-Inguinal Bypass, Lower Extremity Amputation, Peripheral Vascular Intervention, Hemodialysis Access, Inferior Vena Cava Filter and Varicose Vein. VQI is collaboration between regional groups that use a Patient Safety Organization and the M2S PATHWAYS cloud-based system.

The Society for Vascular Surgery® (SVS) is a 5,400-member, not-for-profit professional medical society, composed primarily of specialty-trained vascular surgeons, which seeks to advance excellence and innovation in vascular health through education, advocacy, research and public awareness. The Society is based in Chicago, Illinois.