Blue Angels pilots discuss what it takes to pull off Pensacola Beach air show

Blue Angels prepare for air show. (PHOTO: WEAR-TV)

It's Lieutenant Tyler Davies' third year on his childhood dream team the Blue Angels.

"I always would look at these jets.. I don't know why.. I think I can," said Lieutenant Davies.

He stood behind his jet.

"This here is an F-18 C." said Lieutenant Davies.

He said every city he soars over brings a new challenge.

"You've got different stuff to worry about unknown territory, unknown geography unknown airspace... All the different stuff that goes into it.. Then you incorporate weather... All this other stuff," said Lt. Davies.

"There's always a little bit of nervousness and a bit of stress," he said.

Davies said there's a special technique to performing these stunts.

"Now we have to *grunt* keep the blood in our head.. So every time you see an aircraft pull it really really hard.. That's what we're doing in the cockpit... We're just 'getting after it' as we like to call it," he said.

He told Channel 3 News that hours of maintenance work goes into the aircraft. Petty Officer Second Class Travis Bradley makes sure all of the equipment is working for the pilots.

"Our biggest concern is to make sure those intricate pieces of equipment like ejection seats, parachutes, oxygen equipment... along with a pilot survival equipment is fully functioning for any flight demonstration," said Bradley.

He said that this is his first year on the job and his first time helping.

This is his first year on the job and his first time helping the Blues gear up for Pensacola.

"I think the best thing is whenever a pilot goes up for a demo and he tells you i really appreciate all that you do.. Your gear is fantastic and it worked amazing for us," said Bradley

As for the pilot, Lieutenant Davies said the feeling never gets old.

"How close human nature can actually get into being next to another aircraft with no fear of what's to happen," said Davies.

He said the proud people of Pensacola keep him fueled, but that's not only what keeps him motivated.

"I had two cups of coffee and eggs... That's about it," he said.

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