Nashville recording artist records song about the elite U.S. Navy Blue Angels


It's hard to explain the excitement of the Blue Angels in mere words. But now, the feeling's been captured in a song, written by an artist with roots in Gulf Breeze.

The lyric video captures the thrill of watching the Blue Angels, woven through an anthem with a driving beat. It's a showcase for Pensacola's aviation rock stars, from a singer-songwriter who wants to share them with the world.

Nashville recording artist Woody Bradshaw grew up in Gulf Breeze. When he moved away to build his career, he realized the Blues are one-of-a-kind. Bradshaw said, "You can't describe it, and I always tell everybody you have to be washed in that experience. It's just the power of that and the beauty and the meticulous precision that they have to go through, it's amazing."

He set out to write a song that would do the Blues justice, and promote his hometown. Bradshaw said, "But I thought that's really a daunting task, because they're global and they're so powerful, I thought you better write a hit."

The inspiration came after a tragedy; the loss of #6, Blue Angel Captain Jeff Kuss. It happened near Smyrna, Tennessee, not far from where Bradshaw was living in Nashville.

Once everything clicked, the song was finished in three days. Bradshaw says it's like something outside poured it through him. He continued, "I think there's so much heart, spirit and soul to this anthem, that it really does touch you."

He believes it's the best song he's ever written. He would feel a singular satisfaction if this is the thing that takes his career to the next level. Bradshaw said, "But yeah, I hope to...whatever way I get there I don't know, but I feel like God's got a purpose for me to do bigger things."

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