Red, White and Blues week kicks off with Breakfast with the Blues

Breakfast with the Blues (PHOTO: WEAR-TV)

Blue Angels excitement is in full swing. Wednesay morning marked the kickoff of "Red, White, and Blues Week", with Breakfast with the Blues.

The Blue Angels roared across a brilliant morning sky. It was the best of Pensacola all at once: white sand, blue water, sparkling sunshine. And of course, high performance aircraft speeding, soaring, and thrilling, first thing in the morning.

The crowd is young and old, local and tourist, and ready to enjoy every pass. Karen Finley of Fort Worth said, "I grew up living on this beach, and it's just awesome, we come every year to see the Blues."

For Michelle and Frank Archer, Breakfast with the Blues is a great alternative to the afternoon shows. Michelle explained with a laugh, "We've been here through the 2'o'clock shows, and it's just so hot, so we decided to come out this morning. It's hot, but it's better."

It's the same for Walt Costello. He added, "It's cooler here in the morning and much, much, much less traffic."

He doesn't mind that this isn't the full show. He says there's plenty of excitement as the pilots fine-tune their manuvers and get used to the points they'll be flying over.

Michelle Archer watched another close pass and said, "Awesome, awesome, they never let us down."

Awesome is a word you hear a lot at this party. And there's one more word that describes this crowd's love for the Blues: home.

Michelle Archer said, "They bring us home, they are home for us."

Karen Finley said, "No matter where we live, we've lived in South Florida, now we live in Texas and we always come home to see these guys."

Walt Costello said, "It's just like being home.

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