Connect To Congress: Congressman Lois Frankel on hurricane recovery, gun control

Photo source: Connect To Congress

Congresswoman Lois Frankel serves Florida's 21st district. She sat down with CBS 12 to discuss the recent elections, tax reform, gun control and what's being done to help hurricane victims.


"I think it was a big win last night for the American people. Unquestionably it was a push back against Donald Trump, how he's handled the office and I think it was also a victory just for grass roots because there was a lot of organizing going on for ordinary people who want to fight back."

Tax Reform

"I call it a tax scam because what it's going to do, it's gonna hurt middle class families, it's gonna take millions of dollars out of the pockets of middle class families, it's gonna ransack Medicaid and Medicare and put millions of dollars back into the pockets of the wealthiest citizens in this corporation."

Gun Control

"I think clearly folks in South Florida want common sense gun safety legislation. Let's start with expanding the background check law. Anyone who wants to buy a gun should have to go through a background check. Ninety percent of Americans agree with that - it's not gonna solve all our problems, but it would be a good step forward."

"To this degree, mental health is a big issue, we should put more resources into getting people help but I think it would be incorrect to believe that everybody with a mental health problem is going to take up a gun and kill people. Gun violence is caused by a lot of different factors - in some instances, it is people with serious mental health issues - I would not want to put that stigma on everyone with mental health issues. You can take for example, if you look at the drug crisis in Palm Beach County and around the country, yes, it's a lot of mental health issues there that need work on, but I would not say automatically that everybody with a mental health issue - who may be depressed, who may be anxious or schizophrenic or whatever the disease might be - we should not automatically assume they might be violent criminals. And I think the President just overstated the response. There are a lot of ways we could move forward in fighting gun violence, one of them has to be common sense gun safety legislation."

Hurricane Relief & Recovery

"We've been unable to get exact numbers from FEMA. What we do know is close to 3 million Floridians have requested help. We've already spent over $900 million in aid, so there are a lot of people who've requested help. And I think in a lot of the cases folks did not give FEMA all the information that they need in order to look at the claims, so what I would say to people that are listening, if you feel that you have a claim that FEMA should respond to, make sure they have all the information that is necessary for that claim to be evaluated and then be a little patient, because this has been some season between Texas and Florida and Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands and a lot of people are waiting for help. But people should be persistent and they should continue to give FEMA the information that's needed and I'd invite anyone that thinks they need some additional help to call their Congressperson's office and we can always see if we can help out."

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