Trump signs legislation clearing the way for an overhaul of veteran's administration

Source: WEAR

President Trump signed a legislation clearing the way for an overhaul of the veteran's administration.

The Bipartisan "VA Mission Act" is designed to give veterans access to private health care providers, on the government's dime.

That access would be considered based on a veteran's wait times for VA appointments, quality of VA care and distance from a VA facility.

"We want to ultimately get to a place where our veterans can walk into any medical provider in our community and receive top-rated care without being sent off to specialists in Tallahassee, or Jacksonville, or Biloxi. And so by giving the veteran the ability to be able to access more private sector care, we think we will reduce wait times and we will improve the quality of care that those veterans receive," said Rep. Matt Gaetz.

Gaetz says it may be six months or so before the VA works out the details of the changes and makes them available to veterans.

The law also creates a commission to recommend which VA facilities are worth repairing, where new ones should be built, and which ones should be closed.

It also includes incentives to help the VA hire more health care providers. For instance, providing scholarships to medical students in exchange for their pledging to work at VA.

Right now, there are 33 thousand positions unfilled at the agency.

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