Santa Rosa Correctional inmate charged with attempted murder

    Daniel Craven (Photo: Okaloosa County Jail)

    An inmate at the Santa Rosa Correctional Institution in Milton is charged with attempted first degree murder.

    Channel 3 News obtained a copy of the report from the Florida Department of Corrections , Office of the Inspector General.

    According to the report, on December 15th, 2017, corrections officers learned Daniel Craven was in possession of a homemade metal shank.

    The report says he was seen trying to cut his wrists.

    Several officers went to his cell to remove Craven and confiscate the weapon.

    The report says Craven was uncooperative, and an officer used "chemical agents" on him.

    The report says Craven fought the officers and quotes him as saying, "If don't wanna get stabbed, you better let me go." [sic]

    During the altercation, one of the officers was injured. He was treated at the Sacred Heart Hospital emergency room, though the report does not include information on the exact nature of the injuries.

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