Political ads in Florida top over $13 million

Source: CNS

Spending for political ads in Florida has already topped $13 million.

That's just in the race for governor and U.S. senator.

But, will it pay off come November?

Rick Scott is already up with his third TV spot, including one in Spanish, in his race for the U.S. Senate.

So far, Scott has spent $5 million on TV.

The Republican Governor's Association has dropped another $6 million to reserve time for Scott through the election.

Democratic Consultant Kevin Cate says it is classic Scott.

"Rick Scott is spending because this is formula for winning. Even when he beat Charlie Crist, he had a higher un-favorability rating," Cate said.

"At the end of the 2014 election, it looked like Rick Scott might actually lose to former Governor Charlie Cristuntil he started spending two million dollars a day on TV," Mike Vasilinda said.

The other big early spender is Democratic gubernatorial hopeful Philip Levine.

Between his political action committee and his campaign, Levine has spend more than $8 million introducing himself; including over $4 million from his own pocket.

His latest ad is a collection of TV reports on the race.

GOP Consultant Mac Stipanovich says such early spending used to be a waste of money.

"You probably get twenty cents on the dollar in terms of value at the ballot box but, you raise a dollar, so now you have a dollar twenty." Stipanovich said.

After TV, the biggest expense for campaigns so far is campaign consultants.

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