$1,000 reward offered for missing Pollard woman

$1,000 reward offered for missing Pollard woman. (Source: WEAR-TV/ Photo: Eva McBride)

A $ 1,000 reward is being offered to anyone who can help law enforcement locate the missing woman from Pollard, Alabama.

The investigators say it will be a long tedious process until they find her or a body.

Investigators are telling Channel 3 News what's next in the case of the 74- year-old Eva McBride who hasn't been seen since November 23.

Channel 3’s Chorus Nylander has been following this case from the beginning and spoke and spoke to Bill Blaire with the Escambia County Sheriff's Office in Alabama on Tuesday night.

Blaire told us the Eva McBride investigation was turned from a missing person case to a criminal investigation.

According to Blaire, investigators are focusing on interviewing family and friends.

ECSO is trying to create a timeline up to the point in which McBride disappeared.

At this time ECSO says there are no firm leads.

Blaire confirmed on Tuesday, they are looking into leads that come into the sheriff’s office.

ECSO has received reports of a woman looking like McBride at a Dollar Store in Escambia County, Florida. Which is many miles away from her home in Pollard, Alabama.

ECSO tell us all of reports are turning up nothing.

At this point investigators aren't asking anyone to take a polygraph; although, Blaire says some of the family members have agreed to do it.

According to ECSO, they are handling the case as a criminal investigation but investigators still aren't certain a crime was committed.

There are still more questions than answers.

Channel 3 will continue to follow this story as it develops.

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