18-Wheeler overturns on Interstate 10

Source: WEAR-TV Photographer Jason Robbins

An 18- wheeler carrying motor oil overturned on Interstate 10 on Monday afternoon causing a potentially hazardous situation in Santa Rosa County.

The accident happened around 1 p.m . and cause traffic delays while crews worked to clean up the mess.

Florida Highway Patrol Trooper William Gromley said the driver was taken a Sacred Heart hospital with minor injuries.

Brandi Whitehurst, public information officer for Santa Rosa County, said these types of accidents help them and first responders prepare.

Gromley said the tanker blew a tire.

"Considering that it was a blowout. He did lose control of a very heavy truck at one time, all at one time. He did a pretty decent job keeping it in the median. Since he hit the median and he didn't go all the way through and hit the westbound traffic. He didn't bounce off on the eastbound side where it could have been a lot worse. A lot more vehicles involved," Gromley said.

Oil from the tanker spilled onto the roadway and continued to leak as crews from the Department of Environmental Protection and Florida Department of Transportation accessed the situation.

Whitehurst said scenes like this one teach a valuable lesson.

She said, "Fortunately we don't have a whole lot of hazmat incidents in Santa Rosa County of this scale, but what we do is we show up just from a public safety aspect to make sure that all the public safety efforts are being made to protect life and property."

Whitehurst said dealing with a possible hazmat situation can be tricky, but there's always a plan in place to handle a worst case scenario.

"This is also something that we practice and plan for quite a bit," Whitehurst said. "We have plans in place if this were a very serious incident and we needed to have evacuations efforts. We have 911 reverse roll-out system that we could call and put in place so that people can be notified."

Firefighters from Skyline Fire, East Milton and Bagdad also responded to the scene.

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