$500 Million Foley amusement park plows ahead, hundreds of positions to be filled

Driving down Foley Beach Express you might see a giant OWA billboard, but what you might not notice is all of the work happening behind it.

More than 1,000 construction workers are out here daily making sure everything is on track for OWA's grand opening this summer. Once it's complete, marketing director Kristin Hellmich said OWA will feature shops, restaurants, a hotel and twenty-one amusement park rides including a steel roller coaster.

"It's a very big project, it's a great undertaking for this area. We're really excited about it," said Kristin. "Not only will it help make this more of a year-round tourism destination, but it will help contribute to the overall quality of life for the residents of south Alabama and help continue to make Alabama a great place for visitors and locals alike to enjoy this great place we have."

The amusement destination is expected to bring in several million visitors annually and this is just phase one. Phases two through five include adding more hotels, an RV park, a condominium complex, even a water park, which is fitting, as OWA means 'big water' in the Creek Indian language. Each expansion will bring additional attractions and job opportunities.

"We're looking to hire between 450 - 600 employees to help us get OWA open for summer '17," said Kristin. "All in all, once the project is completely off the ground, in the next five years we're looking to employ around 3,500 employees. Which includes direct hires for OWA as well as our tenants, hotels and all of the assets here on the property."

Construction is expected to last five years; the cost is estimated at $500 million. An exact opening date has not been set yet.

If you're interested in job openings at OWA click here. They have a few open positions posted now, but mass hiring will not begin until late spring.

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