7-year-old girl saves family from house fire in Escambia County, Fla.

Photo: 7-year-old Tracy Durant called 911 when her family's home caught fire in Escambia County on January 28, 2018 Source: WEAR Jamarlo Phillips via Twitter

A seven-year-old girl became an unlikely hero, saving her family from flames after a fire broke out in her home Sunday morning.

An Escambia County spokesperson says it happened after 10:30 Sunday morning. The young girl's family says the fire began when a thirteen-year-old girl inside the house was cooking chicken.

Seven-year-old Tracy Durant says she knew what to do when her home caught on fire because of fire safety lessons she learned in school.

“It looked like when the stove was on and it came up top and then it kept getting bigger and bigger so I didn't want us to get killed," said Tracy.

Her mom wasn't at home at the time- that's when Tracy ran to a neighbor's house for help.

"I said can I see your phone to call 911 because our house is on fire," said Tracy.

Her quick thinking saved her family. Everyone was able to escape the fire including her 11-month-old cousin.

"I feel happy to save my baby cousin because I didn't want him to get killed. He is eleven months and he will turn one next month on the ninth," Tracy said.

Her 13-year-old cousin was transported to Sacred Heart Hospital in serious condition but is expected to survive.

"No one got hurt except for Shemaiah. I really don't want her to get hurt because she was watching us until momma came back," said Tracy.

An Escambia County Spokesperson says the fire started in one room of the home, but smoke damage is throughout the house.

"Some stuff can be saved and some stuff can't. My grandbaby lost everything," said Tracy’s grandmother Lakesha James.

Tracy's family says they are very proud of her heroism.

"I told her she saved her little cousin and she got out and ran with him and got some help. She said, 'But grandma did I do wrong?'; [I said] 'No baby you did the right thing'," James said.

Meanwhile, Tracy is giving thanks to her teacher for a life-saving rescue.

"She said one day I would be a hero...and I wanted to start practicing now," Tracy explained.

Tracy is just hoping her cousin will recover from the injuries she sustained in the fire.

The family tells us the teenager is being transported to a hospital in Gainesville.

The Florida State Fire Marshal is investigating the fire.

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